our virtual country

Here with you we are improving our world.

The residents of our country improve their lives, health and relationships;
they study, earn, help each other to prosper and be happy.

About CTW-Ecosystem

CTW-Ecosystem is our virtual country in which there are banks, funds for residents rewarding, its own currency, startups for the socio-cultural production, schools for training, and most importantly, the community - the heart of our ecosystem. Any resident of our country is a partner and may participate in the management, impact the development of the community and receive a reward.

Participation in our Ecosystem helps to:
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve health
  • Find soulmate
  • Create and maintain a happy family
  • Find your mission and profession
  • Improve your well-being
CTW-Initiative - to create CTW-Ecosystem

CTW-Ecosystem Structure

Our Goals
  • Create CTW-Ecosystem
    An infrastructure where people are living comfortably
  • Attract Investments
    to scale up from virtual city to the country
  • Change Edu-Paradigm
    the happiness in life is in the focus
Join inhabitants of our city
Together we will reach the goal faster
CTW-Ecosystem Structure
Carrying out global crowdfunding (GCF). Attracting investors of various types and interests, including impact investors. Formation of a significant fund for the implementation of CTW-Initiative plans.
International community of like-minded partners. Participation in the development of an innovative educational product. Mutual assistance, earnings, investing, improving one's own life.
A solid foundation for the development of our community. Non-profit organization, founded to achieve community goals and mission. Supports activities of CTW-Production. Financial center of CTW-Ecosystem.
Support creative working groups, performing projects and developing educational products.
Any CTW-Society development activity - project which can be supported and funded through ongoing crowdfunding.


We create a complete ecosystem CTW-Ecosystem - a virtual country. Anyone can improve the basic aspects of their lives by joining.
Our mission is to change the paradigm of education and to help the teacher in this.

We are creating an international community - the CTW-Society, where anyone can take part in development, can help others to improve their lives, create own individual program of socio-cultural growth and receive rewards for their active work.
4 Levels of Growth in CTW-Ecosystem
* At the Level 4, member of CTW-Society obtains title CTW-Instructor, Certificate and Payments (look at "Rewards & Benefits" down below)
Main Divisions and Areas of Activity
You can realize yourself in one or several areas
Base of Worldview
Course - Personal Growth
Our Teachers
Change the World
Understanding and Hapiness in the family
Health of body, mind and soul
We will prosper, helping others
Attitude to your second half and how to find it
Profession Activity
Satisfaction from activities and profession
Investor earns in

Rewards & Benefits
CTW-Society Member Rewards program for the development and expansion of the CTW-Ecosystem. The benefits and advantages that a member of our community can receive by actively participating in the CTW-Ecosystem

CTW-Initiative Advantages

CTW-Initiative - unique phenomenon. We are uniting to improve our world, improve our life and getting reward for doing that.
Each person in the Initiative will be able to realize their interests: earnings, investment activity, self-development, assistance to like-minded people, a change in the spirit of education.
Participation in this global initiative.
New Edu-Paradigm
A new paradigm of education, new spirit where the focus is on human happiness, the development of high moral and socio-cultural values.
Only this can change our world to the better.
Unique Ecosystem
CTW-Initiative is about building of the Ecosystem. The CTW-Ecosystem is a virtual country with the highest level of ethics and morality, with own mission, currency, infrastructure and constitution.
And most importantly - people who know what and why they are doing.
Each member of our community has the opportunity to constantly receive rewards for their participation and activities in CTW-Ecosystem.
We are Improving Our World
Our Initiative - series of goals and objectives that effectively solve the issue of improving the world. It enhances the worldview and morality of the person himself and his life.
We are Improving Own Life
Improving own life and helping each other to solve key issues in such areas as family, finances, health, and professional activities.
Our Team
  • Rost Zemlinsky
    Author, Leader, Founder
    Toronto, Canada
  • Timur Razin
    Marketing Manager
    Kiev, Ukraine
  • Eugene Tsatskin
    Business Development
    Toronto, Canada
  • Rashit Saifutdinov
    Automated Sell Systems
    Kirov, Russia
  • Natalia Vikhtinskaya
    Web & Video Designer
    St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Chanoch Abrahams
    GICS Manager
    Jerusalem, Israel
  • Yuri Ziskevitch
    Business Communications
    Toronto, Canada
  • Nick Laskin, PhD
    Head of R&D
    Toronto, Canada
  • Natalie Rostotski
    Call Center Manager
    Dnepr, Ukraine
  • Steve Abachine
    Security & Infrastructure
    Toronto, Canada
  • Nick Petrov
    Blockchain Project Manager
    Phuket, Thailand
  • Alexander Sushkov
    Business Communications
    Prague, Czech

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Our Contacts
If you have questions or want to send a message, please use this form or just send an email
+1 416 873 9973
Toronto, ON, Canada