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What is CTW-Initiative?

This Initiative aims to improve main spheres of human life: Family, Prosperity, Health, Personal Life, Satisfaction in professional activity.

Changing of education paradigm, turning it in the direction of sociocultural development, the focus of which is happiness of a person.

CTW-Initiative is structured in such a way that it would be beneficial for all categories of participants to actively participate in it.
Rost Zemlinsky - founder
CTW-Initiative - уникальный творческий и полезный для счастливой жизни проект

Main Parts

Conducting global crowdfunding and impact investing. Creating a CTW Ecosystem based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Building a global community - CTW-Society and creating an innovative educational product - Edu-product.
The international community of like-minded partners. Own communication platform. Participation in the development of innovative educational product. Mutual aid, investment, earnings, improving own life.
A solid foundation for the development of our community. Non-profit organization, founded to achieve community goals. Support ctw-production activities; financial center of the ctw-ecosystem.
Establishing creative working groups to develop educational materials: Edu-Programs and Edu-Products. Any activity in the CTW-Society can be supported and funded in the constant crowdfunding of CTW-Production.


We create a complete ecosystem CTW-Ecosystem - a virtual country. Anyone can improve the basic aspects of their lives by joining.
Our mission is to change the paradigm of education and to help the teacher in this.

We are creating an international community - the CTW-Society, where anyone can take part in development, can help others to improve their lives, create own individual program of socio-cultural growth and receive rewards for their active work.

CTW-Initiative Advantages

CTW-Initiative - unique phenomenon. We are uniting to improve our world, our life and getting reward for that.
Each person in the project will be able to realize their interests: earnings, investment activity, self-development, assistance to like-minded people, a change in the spirit of education.
Participation in a global project.
New Edu-Paradigm
A new paradigm of education, where the focus is on human happiness, the development of high moral and socio-cultural values.
Unique Ecosystem
The CTW-Ecosystem is a virtual country with the highest level of ethics and morality, with own mission, currency, infrastructure and constitution.
Each member of our community has the opportunity to constantly receive rewards for their participation and activities in CTW-Ecosystem.
We are Improving Our World
Our project is series of goals and objectives that effectively solve the issue of improving the world. It enhances the worldview and morality of the person himself.
We are Improving Own Life
and helping each other to solve key issues in such areas as family, finances, health, and professional activities.
CTW Team
Rost Zemlinsky
Author, Leader, Founder
Toronto, Canada
Timur Razin
Marketing Manager
Kiev, Ukraine
Tetiana Kolesnyk
Call Center Manager
Dnepr, Ukraine
Rashit Saifutdinov
Automated Sell Systems
Kirov, Russia
Julia Zaritsky
Pedagogy, Kids Programs
Toronto, Canada
Chanoch Abrahams
GICS Manager
Jerusalem, Israel
Yuri Ziskevitch
Business Communication
Toronto, Canada
Alex Sechin
Business Development
Toronto, Canada

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