The base of knowledge, foundation, theoretical ground of the project-initiative CTW-Initiative.
This is where our first steps begin, aimed at improving our world and lives of members CTW-Ecosystem.

The Main Subjects

Authors' introductory webinar and set of specialty courses
The introductory webinar provides basic knowledge on how to improve your life and understand your opportunities in our community and CTW-Ecosystem.
Specific courses about each area of personal growth: relationships, family, personal life, profession, health, prosperity, happiness...
Program: Socio-Cultural Developments of Individual and Society
The top level educational program that each CTW-Instructor should build for themselfe and master. Teachers must create their own program based on authors' course "Socio-Cultural Growth of Individual and Society" and become CTW-Instructor - the master of the change.
Purpose of the Creation
Why and how the material world was Created - why our Universe was Created? The structure of the Universe. The structure of man. Main Cause and Purpose. How does this relate to the present. What does this mean for my happy life now?
The meaning of human life on Earth
If the Purpose of Creation is known, then what is the meaning of human life? The purpose and its mission on this earth.
Man and Soul
What is a man, the structure of his soul, desire and path of achievement. What does a person want in life?
Relationship between people
Structure of interaction between people. Here are the meaning, the goal, and the way ...
Structure of the Universe
Four components of any phenomena, Four Worlds: Spiritual - Intellectual - Emotional - Material
Areas of Major Issues
The main problem areas in life. What and who is the cause of our suffering in life? Is there a fundamental solution, can we correct the situations and issues? If so, how?
Harmony in family relationships and how to achieve it.
What is the reason? The main requisition of how to be healthy and happy.
Personal Life - relationship
Soulmate, the second half. How to find my soulmate. Loneliness. Personal happiness and its' maintenance.
The main condition for success and prosperity. The prosperity of our community members.
Satisfaction from professional activity
What profession, what activity in life are yours? What does satisfaction consist of? Activity and satisfaction in CTW-Ecosystem.
Teacher - CTW-Instructor
The teacher is а main actor in changing the world. Teacher becomes CTW-Instructor in CTW-Ecosystem. The teacher creates and runs own program 'Socio-Cultural Growth of Individual and Society'. CTW-Foundation supports him.
About Project-Initiative CTW-Initiative
Together we are building the CTW-Society. Building a community is in the center of the CTW-Initiative. This is an initiative to create CTW-Ecosystem, CTW-Foundation, CTW-Production for Teachers, Parents, Idealists, Investors, Creative People, for Seniors and Youth, for everyone who want to join us and improve life.
Who can do what and what can be achieved at CTW-Ecosystem
Since the CTW-Initiative affects the most important aspects of life: relationships with other people, family, personal life, professional activities, health and well-being, any person will find himself in our project.

"Personal Growth - Improving the World"

The Course provides basic knowledge on how to improve your life and understand your opportunities in
'Foundation' Development in CTW-Ecosystem

Courses Related to 'Foundation'

Level 1
Course "Personal Growth - Improving the World"
Mandatory at the Level 1 in the CTW-Society. This course is the base for all other training materials in the CTW-Ecosystem.
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Level 2
Course "Fundamental Immersion"
The continuation and development of the 'Personal Growth - Improving the World'. Description and elaboration of life examples in each of the areas - spheres of life. As a practical result - achieving positive changes in life.
Level 3
Course "Building Own Foundation"
Building your own edu-program "Socio-Cultural Development of Individual and Society". Deep comprehension of fundamental laws and their actions in human life.
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