A question of personal life that definitely excites everyone. The CTW-Ecosystem has an educational program to improve the quality of personal life.

CTW-Ecosystem for personal life - relationship

Main topics:
Special programs reveal the potential for harmony, a balance between happiness, personal life and financial prosperity.
Harmony of feelings, harmony of thought, harmony of actions, harmony of life.
The second half
The second half is a full-fledged person.
How not to dissolve in relationships and be individual. Where is my soulmate? Family, is she next to me or not?
This is the very person
How to understand whether this is the very person? Alternative solutions to the situation without affecting karma.
Loneliness. Is there an effective way to find a situation.
What is it? How to find it? What does she look like, how to recognize her? What does it consist of? Is it must to be or can life be without? Is love turning into a habit or can it be somehow lasting? How to find your right man? Just keep in mind for now, love can be presented only with OTHER man - can glow only on relationship.

"Personal Growth - Improving the World"

The Course provides basic knowledge on how to improve your life and understand your opportunities in
'Personal Life' Development in CTW-Ecosyste

Courses Related to 'Relationship'

Level 1
Course "Personal Growth - Improving the World"
Mandatory at the Level 1 in the CTW-Society. This course is the base for all other training materials in the CTW-Ecosystem.
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Level 2
Main Course "Personal Life - Relationship"
Continuation and development of the material - Personal Growth. Description and elaboration of life examples in each of the areas of life with special attention to the topic of Relationship. Achieving positive changes in life.
Level 3
Own program creation: "SocioCultural Development of Individual and Society"
Joint work on creating of own Program on the basis of authors content and life examples. Active participation in CTW-Production in the direction of CTW-Instructor and Relationship.
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