This is the part of life that person thinks about and working on it every day.

CTW-Ecosystem is for Prosperity of the members of our community

How and with what progress will begin:
Our approach to Prosperity in life
What does a person want to achieve in this area of life? What is needed for that? What is in the way? Often, people live according to a predetermined alien model, which prevents them from going beyond its borders and achieving their desired goals.
Consider the options for prosperity in life, their pros and cons
Prosperity has different dimensions. More often, it is a spiritual and financial developments. Our task is to find a stable balance between them so as to enjoy and even happiness.
CTW-Ecosystem and prosperity of CTW-Society members
Harmony within a person comes when he is in his place and loves his job. Together we will build a model of harmony, starting with the meaning of life and ending with specific implementation opportunities in the CTW-Ecosystem.
How can we earn together in CTW-Production
CTW-Production is an internal platform of our large Initiative where a training and edu-product is created. Each member of the CTW-Society can open a project, receive funding and realize their idea, making a profit. It's kind of a virtual small business.

"Personal Growth - Improving the World"

The Course provides basic knowledge on how to improve your life and understand your opportunities in
'Prosperity' Development in CTW-Ecosystem

Courses Related to 'Prosperity'

Level 1
Course "Personal Growth - Improving the World"
Mandatory at the Level 1 in the CTW-Society. This course is the base for all other training materials in the CTW-Ecosystem.
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Level 2
Special Course "Prosperity"
Continuation and development of the material - Personal Growth. Description and elaboration of life examples in each of the areas of life with special attention to the topic of Prosperity. Achieving positive changes in life.
Level 3
Creating own program: "SocioCultural Development of Individual and Society"
Joint work on creating of own Program on the basis of authors content and life examples. Active participation in CTW-Production in the direction of CTW-Instructor and Prosperity.
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