The rewards and benefits that a member of the community can receive in CTW-Ecosystem by actively participating in work, investing their time, energy or money.
The share of net profit from all types of activities will be reserved for the development of a social fund to support those people who actively participate in development of the CTW-Ecosystem.
Each participant is a partner and is interested not only in their personal income, but also in expanding the social benefits of CTW-Ecosystem, that is the overall success of the Initiative.
There are 5 types of Benefits
  • Reward for activity in CTW-Ecosystem
  • Reward from investments
  • Social benefits
  • Credit Cards
  • CTW-Instructors Certificates
Rewards for participation, development and expansion of the CTW-Ecosystem
For each member of the CTW-Society at CTW-Ecosystem, a CTW-Wallet account is opened for our cryptocurrency

A personal account (electronic wallet) is opened at the time of registration. It is opened with 2,000 CTW-tokens in it - the welcome bonus for joining our community. With a nominal course of CTW-token = 0.02 $ this is $ 40.
Registration in CTW-Society
A person registered in the community pays $ 150 for the course. After that, a person becomes a CTW-Ecosystem partner and 8,000 CTW ($ 160) is deposited to her/his account. In total, on the account after completing the course: 10,000 CTW = $ 200.
Course "Personal Growth - Improving the World"
Training and participation in the community, the opening and implementation of a specific personal project in CTW-Production. For example, video-story for children+ (look at product examples, one of MVP) - payed 40,000 CTW-Tokens.
Personal Project Completion in CTW-Production
(Amounts are given as an example. The value can be more or less depending on many factors: activity, total profit, etc.)
Periodic credits are proportional to the size of the account and the duration of funds storage of a CTW-Society member - partner of the CTW-Ecosystem.
Power Of Stake
Twice a year it is part of the net profit from commercial projects implemented in CTW-Production. In proportion to the share in the common capital.
Profit Distribution
The level of activity is evaluated and rewarded; opening and maintaining your own project; participating in other people's projects; inviting people to our community, writing something somewhere related to the Initiative and its activities; any action has its own rating / price in CTW-Ecosystem ...
Bonus for Activity
Payments for notes, opinions, life examples, ideas, suggestions, for supporting your favorite projects, etc. for the specific personal actions. Everything has its price and is automatically evaluated and credited to a personal account.
Payments for Actions in CTW-Ecosystem
Annually accrued to a member of the CTW-Society for being a member and thereby supporting the Community. The approximate amount is given for two years:
Bonus to members of CTW-Society
Total in your account (CTW-Wallet)
in two years of active work in
CTW-Ecosystem has accumulated
127,500 CTW Тokens.
And how much is it in dollars?
As a result of the successful development of the CTW-Ecosystem, an increase in the number of partner members, the CTW-Token rate on the cryptocurrency exchange will rise from nominal $0.02 to $1.25
In this case, the fund on your account will be actually equal:
CTW Currency Rate Growth
Examples of Investing
Mid-size Investment
CTW-Ecosystem Investor Partner Acquires CTW-Tokens in the amount of $ 10,000 at the beginning of Global Crowdfunding Campaign (+30% bonus)
With the growth of the CTW-Ecosystem and the development of the community, there is an increase in the rate of CTW-Token on the cryptocurrency exchange from 0.02 to 1,25 $
With such an increase in the exchange rate on the cryptocurrency exchange, Partner-Investor CTW-Ecosystem receives an increase in its funds on CTW-Wallet account: $ 812,500
Strategic Investor / Partner
At the stage of global crowdfunding, the Strategic Investor / Partner invested the first $ 10,000,000 to develop the CTW-Ecosystem. This amounts to 750,000,000 CTW with a 50% bonus.
With the growth of the CTW-Ecosystem and the development of the community, the CTW-Token exchange rate on the cryptocurrency exchange increases from $ 0.02 to $ 0.25. That is, the course grows 12.5 times.
Now the account size of the Strategic Investor / Partner will be $ 187,500,000
Social Benefits
Based on the results of CTW-Ecosystem development, it is planned to grow Social Benefits Fund for CTW-Society members.
A distinctive feature of the approach to the formation of social funds in the CTW-Ecosystem is the fact that not a single penny contributed to the fund by a person - a member of the CTW-Society and a partner in the CTW-Ecosystem is spent on anything, including fund administration. Moreover, the funds of social benefits is constantly replenished from the profits that are generated from the activities of CTW-Ecosystem. Each person - member of the Community is a partner at the same time and therefore eligible in obtaining social benefits.
Life Insurance
Life and disability insurance. You can accumulate as much as you want here. For example, $ 100,000 by contributing only a fraction ...
Education Fund
This is the accumulation of a fund for the education of your children (for example, you contribute $ 1,000 - you get an additional: POS * Ed (at least $ 300) + 8% per year)
Health Fund
Medical insurance; Drug coverage; Dental; Prevention
Pension Fund
A member of the CTW-Ecosystem can form a private old-age savings fund - a pension fund.
CTW-Society members Credit Card
Upon reaching a certain level of funds in the account, a member of the Community and a partner in the CTW-Ecosystem can use a specialized CTW Credit Card
Certificates of CTW-Instructors
When member of CTW-Society completes study and creates own program "SocioCultural Development of Individual and Society", he/she rises to the Level 4 and the Certificate of the CTW-Instructor has been granted.
CTW-Instructor Silver receives 100% of the standard reward from Instructors' fund.
CTW-Instructor Gold receives 150% of the standard reward from Instructors' fund.
CTW-Instructor Platinum receives 200% of the standard reward from Instructors' fund.
Our Contacts
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