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"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do" - Steve Jobs
When people are asked "How many of you feel the need to change our world?," almost all people raise their hands...

The next question: "How many people are there, who would take part in these changes if a working opportunity would be presented?" Almost all people also raise their hands!

Common need is easy to see! Almost all people have problems in one or more areas of their lives such as: family relationships; material prosperity; health; satisfaction with their professional activities; personal life...

How many people are ready to do anything meaningful in this direction? How many people believe that order in these important for happiness areas depends on their wills, thoughts, feelings and actions, and not on random circumstances?

Then... the following questions immediately arise: "how much of my time will it take, how much effort, how much money, and in general, what I, so small, can do. Just look at what people around are doing... politicians, corrupt officials, bureaucrats... Everyone has their own program and follows personal interests; it seams that everyone is not care about me much; sometimes even against me! In this case, it would be very rational just to concentrate on myself and my current needs..."

In other words, not everything is so clearly visible here anymore. Most people do not intend to do anything to improve the situation. "However, if I get paid for it, then maybe I will remember the importance of this business. And so, I'd rather watch YouTube, complain on the next injustice in the world and sit in front of TV with a beer and a cigarette..."
Why am I, nevertheless, convinced that the CTW-Initiative is the only effective means?

Here are a few questions that we'll leave unanswered for now, because it would be better if each of us gets answers on these matters themselves. More or less in logical sequence:

  • Firstly, a person comes to this world with a built in character, which is determined by the presence of the soul. This is actually not even a question... - rhetorical question.
  • Secondly, why does a person actually come to this world? Wouldn't it be better not to suffer here at all? Or do you still adhere to the hypothesis that this is a random and purposeless process? Well, you have the right to think so.
  • Thirdly, what and when does a person's worldview form after arrival in our so "cheerful" world?
  • How much time does person spend on the formation of this worldview?
  • Who is constantly and professionally working on the formation of peoples' worldview?
  • How long does a person spend in the education system and what knowledge does s/he gain there?
  • Does this knowledge make a person happier in life? What is this knowledge actually about?
  • What knowledge is most important for a person to be happy in life?
  • What do we need to do to ensure that the knowledge gained by a young man, and adults as well, is about the most important things and helps a person in this world - in a world full of problems and intractable questions.
All these issues are in focus of the Initiative called
CTW-Initative - Change The World Initiative. Education is the only effective way through which one can improve own life, and at the same time - our world.

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"
said Steve Jobs about us
Precisely for that purpose a person comes into this world. - Rost
Similarly, it happens with economy.

Many leaders in our world are dissatisfied with deadlock and understand the glaring meaninglessness and even sometimes harmfulness of our economic activity on Earth. So, they try to get back the train of material and technical progress which is rushing at great speed without brakes...

And there appears a new direction- Impact Investing - "we need not just the economy, not just a profit, but a socially significant effect — an impact — a qualitative improvement in the lives of people on this planet." Here are the focus and main areas: Ecology, Health, Elimination of extreme and hopeless poverty and Education. Let us think together: "QUALITATIVE IMPROVEMENT OF LIFE OF PEOPLE ON EARTH". It is about human happiness in life, isn't it?

Pay attention to the fact that more and more people in the world realize that the only way to survive in a deadlocked civilization and at the same time continue progress is a social economy based on the ethical, philosophical, moral, psychological and methodological foundations of the "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" and following by the "Wealth of Nations", thanks to the genius of Adam Smith.

Finally, after three hundred years of trials and errors, we realized that the moral basis is a crucial for material success and not the other way around. Unfortunately, many do not understand this simple principle until now.

Currently, the economy and investment trend is changing from "for profit only" to "social economy". The change in this trend was clearly announced by David Cameron in 2013.

However, the personal material interest decreases while moving in this direction. There is no personal desire in the end result and, therefore, no dynamic changes in this socially-oriented movement.

There is no the same aspiration as, for example, in expedition to Mars.

Nothing serious can come of it until leaders, scientists, the elite, and also the majority of ordinary people are guided by materialistic philosophy. At the same time, the importance of technical progress and technologies is absolutized and the evolutionary path of our development is considered as the only way. In this equаtion economy, state and power are primary categories, while people are a resource and consumers.

In this approach, the social effect will always remain in the background and no one will be significantly happier in this world.

We reached the point in our zeal where a grand idea has appeared to us - to colonize something in space and leave this planet before it's too late...
Bravo, fellow materialist! Evolution of thoughts. Pack your bags, goodbye the Earth, we couldn't build happiness here, now it is time to try on other planets...
goodbye, planet Earth, flying to other lands searching for happiness

Now the question! When, where, and why does this materialistic worldview drive into the head of a person? When do "Karl Marxes" go inside the heads? And for what reason? Obviously, a person is not born with these ideas.

Our entire education system does it!
If we really want to change this situation, we must change the paradigm of education. This is what we will do with you in the CTW-Initiative.

Our CTW-Ecosystem is intended for us to build an unprecedented community that will bring together millions of people who want to improve our world and will raise billions of dollars for this.

Where millions of people are united, any business succeeds especially if this is business belong to us.

If, instead of financing meaningless flights to Mars and building new generations of lethal weapons, we will finance and demand a change in education;
if we will be improving learning conditions instead of building a new hadron colliders;
and if, instead of couple new aircraft carriers and a dozen new nuclear submarines, we will build international training centers for youth around the world...
We are people of this planet, we have the right to improve it!
It is very important for us to know your opinion

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