Global Impact Capital System
Global Impact Capital System (GICS) is a unique complete automated trading system built based on a proprietary trading strategy that performs medium frequency and short-term trading on global financial markets. Global Impact Capital System has all means to deliver stable performance – Risk-Adjusted Return.

Author and creator of the system is Rost Zemlinsky – Master Computer Science, Toronto, Canada.

GICS works on global markets that are characterized by high liquidity, daily volatility, trading around the clock, and large size. Suitable markets are spot and futures: metals, indexes, energy, currencies, including forex.

GICS works 24/5 in a conservative mode with capital growth averaging from 2% a month. The trading system contains a diversified portfolio of the strategies on multiple markets/time-frames.

The system is built with intention to deliver profit regardless of the markets behavior.

GICS is optimized to work with funds from $3M USD with max performance reached after $10M USD.

trading system by rost zemlinsky
Trading result for the last year:

• Monthly average profit 3.85%

• Investor's part is 70% of the profit

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