CTW-Initiative International Project Concept

Dear Like-Minded Partner!

Rost Zemlinsky
Each of us wants our World to become better, wants our children to live better than us. The only problem is how to achieve this in reality. Despite the fact that everyone, in principle, desires this, the achievement of such a state in reality is a problem for each individual person and for each society on our Earth.

As Douglas Adams noted in his novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy": "This planet has a problem, which is this: most of the people living on it are unhappy for pretty much all of the time".

What is wrong in our life? Why is there little happiness, and success and prosperity all the time waiting for us somewhere in the distant future? You noticed that no matter what we do, no matter how many reforms we implement, whoever we choose, no matter what talking heads we listen, nothing sensible happens. 28 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the rating of happiness in Ukraine is in a disastrous 138th place.
Ukraine is taken here as an example, as it declared its desire for progressive reforms and its intention to reach the level of prosperous European countries.
Over the past 5 years 124 reforms have been announced and probably launched (the funds for their development were definitely spent). Should these reforms have already been to reform society, the country, the economy, medicine, education and everything else? Should the people living in the country see positive changes over the past 28 years and feel optimistic?
Should the country develop at about the same pace and direction, as, for example, Poland? But no, happiness is on 138th place; in term the absence of the corruption we are on 120th, and the ease of doing business with us is on 71st...

A surge of activity and hope we could observe after the famous events of 2014. On one talk show I saw a man who enthusiastically demonstrated a lot of work done - they wrote 700 pages of tax reform ... Think about it, 700 pages !!! I wonder how much time, people, effort and money was spent on this; was anyone responsible for the end result?

During these 5 years, we have seen and heard many clever, erudite people, scientists, military, patriots, journalists, nationalists, politicians, public figures. It looks that everyone knows and understands everything...

We sometimes think that choosing a worthy person as the president,
everything starts to improve by its own. Well, we want to get such a miracle - a very good person comes to power and finally somehow pulls us out of the swamp.

And now, after 5 years of this "reforms" activity, I suddenly hear: "Why save the body of Ukraine if corruption eats its soul?" Who said such a harsh, and maybe even cynical statement and about whom?
Further discussion and historical analysis of why this happened is a separate and lengthy conversation, requiring a thoughtful and calm discussion. Of course, we will continue it with you, but not now. And here, on this topic, put an end to. We assume that everyone really knows what the true problem is and try to immediately go on to the description of the proposed solution.


What can make me not steal, not cheat, not take bribes and not give them? Two things are fear and consciousness. Right? Fear of imminent punishment or losses in scale incompatible with the benefits of illegal activity. This entails the need for well-functioning work of the relevant supervisory and punitive bodies. But! Great BUT! Who should work in these bodies? Which judges should judge, which prosecutors should prosecute, and which police should oversee?

The answer is CONSCIOUS! And where will they come from? Where do they all live - on the Moon or Mars? Or do you proceed from the premise that most of us are saints by definition - "the people are always right" or among the multimillion population you can always find honest ones?
And if this is not so, then it's enough to install cameras on every corner, digitize everything ("digitalization solution for everything!" - a new fashionable slogan captures the imagination of the masses ...)), prescribe the rules, issue many good laws (see example of 700 pages above), and everything will be fixed itself... Is it so?
Let's observe this component closer: Consciousness. What kind of 'animal' is this, and where does it come from?
Where and when does it form in humans?
Obviously, from early childhood, and a little later in the organizations of the educational system.
So, the idea and a radical solution to the demand of consciousness can be resolved by changing the essence and purpose of education; shift in education paradigm in direction of morality, ethics, values of the person. This is a turn in education towards the socio-cultural development of individual.

Of course, it is necessary to normalize the tax system, and create economic conditions for the development of business and entrepreneurship, and look into space, and other important things, but, without raising the level of morality, without achieving understanding and acceptance of moral values, without improving trust and a positive relationship between people in society, no reforms, whether systemic, economic, political, technological, judicial or any other will work in any society on our planet. This is a global need of people, which should be satisfied as soon as possible! Otherwise ... An unpleasant end has long been foretold, and one does not have to be a prophet to see this end.

Now about how we will improve our own lives, ourselves and society as a whole, while improving our well-being. This issue is addressed by our CTW-Initiative.
The world and our society can be improved ONLY through personal development and enhancing human morality.
There are two ways to influence this process and achieve this state.

The first - the family - the parenting in the family, and the second - public, through education and culture.

Since the positive influence of the family in modern society is very limited (parents either are not capable, or are very busy, or both), the greatest effect can be achieved precisely through education.
Teacher will win war
— Otto von Bismarck
here it is - wisdom!
Our future is left to its own devices, to the will of chance, and there remains the only hope for the so-called 'education system'. It is about social influence and improving the situation in education. And here we have a professional Teacher. He is the focus of attention in the Initiative.
I want to bring to your attention the initiative
CTW-Initiative, which will help us:
Global Goal
Improving our world - all aspects of the life of an individual person on earth, and above all ourselves, members of the Community - this is our Global Goal and our Desire.
Need and Versatility
It will help to achieve positive changes in society and any country in our world - this is Need and Universality.
Activity and Action
It will make possible for reforms and progressive intentions not only to be proclaimed, but also to be actually implemented - Activity and Action.
Mean and Tool
It will allow us to concentrate significant financial resources for the implementation of the Initiative itself - these are our Mean and Tool.

Task and Scale of CTW-Initiative

Imagine that 5 years have passed since the launch of the CTW-Initiative. We have successfully worked and in our community now 5 million people who speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and other languages. We have built CTW-Ecosystem. Capitalization is $ 150 billion. The total profit is $ 1.5 billion per month, and $ 350 million per month is allocated to support the CTW-Ecosystem and the Teachers around the globe. Can we at this power together change or significantly influence the changes in the essence and approach to education? Can we do that at least in a separate region or in separate educational institutions? Can we build a model to scale it and offer it to the international community? This is the global level that we want to achieve by developing CTW-Initiative - building a complete CTW-Ecosystem.
This will be possible only with your personal participation! One of our main tasks is to find like-minded partners - people with beliefs, vision and kind heart.

We are an initiative group, we are confident in success for all 100! If we succeed, it will set an example for others, it will make our world a better place.

As a partner to a like-minded person, I'll say: this is the only way to make our world a better place! And participation in this Initiative fills life with a higher meaning.

CTW-Initiative Introduction

The Initiative consists of the following main parts
Changing the paradigm of education, in the center of which is a unique educational program - 'Socio-Cultural Development of Individual and Society'; training of teachers - CTW-Instructors and production of appropriate innovative educational products.
CTW-Foundation and the Business System
An investment fund / bank based on Global Impact Capital System - a complete automated trading system that has the potential to become a source of continuous financing for the entire Initiative, as well as generate significant profit for the Initiative participants themselves - this is an additional incentive to actively participate in it. Most of the net profit goes to support the CTW-Initiative.
Establishment of a DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Building a complete CTW-Ecosystem. Community. Blockchain. Global crowdfunding is an accelerated attraction of significant funds for the development of the CTW-Initiative. If millions of people all over the world want its change, they invest in it, especially if it is beneficial for them.
Support and active participation of CTW-Society members
After mastering this educational program, most people voluntarily and consciously change their worldview and behavior for the better. Man consciously:

• will refrain from aggression towards others;
• instead of abuse - respect for another person and his opinion;
• will learn to maintain a state of positivity in yourself;
• will stop destroying and complaining about own life and will take care of the lives of others
• will strive to create an atmosphere of good nature around and enjoy this achievement
• finally will easily differentiate good from bad...
And most importantly, a person will understand, why it is very beneficial for himself.
The real problem in today's world is not in political or economic spheres. The main problem is essentially moral.
Rabbi Elie Munk
I am sure this is the only solution and a necessary condition for deep real changes in society for the better. No matter what the reform plans are, they will not work without resolving the issue of socio-cultural development of a person and raising moral standards in society. Each of us and society as a whole should know WHY this is so.

We Invite

like-minded, interested and full-fledged participants in our joint Initiative.

We will work together as partners in the following areas:
The introduction and further development of the educational program "Socio-Cultural Development", the launch of pilot projects on the basis of individual educational institutions.
Establishment of a non-profit fund and saturation of its funds to support the Initiative.
Attracting new investors: funding the Global Impact Capital System with large capital; creation of investment funds; directing profit for the needs of our CTW-Initiative and functioning of the CTW-Ecosystem.
Attracting resources of global international funds interested in profitable and socially significant projects.
Initiative development in regional centers.
Expansion of the initiative group and community of like-minded people with whom it is possible to implement this multifaceted, powerful and at the same time interesting and creative project.
Finally, access to the multi-billion dollar and international level:

1. The Initiative itself is of global scope and significance. That is why it has the names: CTW-Initiative and Global Impact Capital System.
2. Global Impact Investing Network – a group of the largest investment banks, assets management companies and funds, which are united by the idea of investing in profitable socially significant projects, including educational ones, which our Initiative itself is.
3. CTW-Foundation becomes an international non-profit fund for supporting the educational and investment initiative - CTW-Initiative.
4. There is an idea how to invite and attract funds, how to make international funds actively investing in our educational Initiative.
5. Mass participation: people like it -> people need it -> people take an active part -> people get results, both personal and public. Such a positive feedback in the system will accelerate the development of the CTW-Ecosystem.
It touches issues of a fundamental nature, rather than implementation details, which I hope we will discuss with you in person.
Join us. Be our partner.
Let's Change the World... Together!.
It is very important for us to know your opinion

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