We need a new collider!


Let we starve, but I want to see the light of happiness at the end of the Collider
What is common between these two articles on the one page of BBC.com:

« Large Hadron Collider is too small – physicists of the CERN wants bigger one. But what will it give?»

And second:

«Scientists invented, how to feed out 10 billion people on the earth. For that we have to sit on diet»
Well, scientists need a new collider with more powerful and much bigger in size: CERN organization announced it's plan to build new particles accelerator with working name "Future Circular Collider".
Blog Rost Zemlinsky
It is assumed, that it will be built by 2050 year, will be 4 times bigger and 10 times more powerful than LHC, but most interesting that – the expected cost of will be more than 20 billion.

Here it is, no more and no less… let's add to this account endless cosmos, many other useless and even harmful projects…

Meantime people on the planet are hungry, nature is destroyed, and people are not getting happier.
I thought here… Why not build this thingy hundred times bigger at once? We can easily spend 200 billion! Scientists told us – they need that very much. Scientists assure us that this thing is safe and will never blow out our planet. Spending 200 billions is 10 times better…

Let we starve, but I want to see the light of happiness at the end of the Collider!
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