brain wants us to be lazy


"Аt the moments of our idleness neurons are able to generate the most profound and creative thoughts".
The brain, full of neurons, hooked on an article about the book of the American scientist Andrew Smart "On the benefits of laziness. Productive Doing Nothing Instruction." The author substantiates the human right to idleness, referring primarily to arguments from the field of neuro-physiology. It is at the moments of our idleness that neurons are able to generate the most profound and creative thoughts.

Let's explain this phenomenon from the point of view of the "Great Science" - the science of the spiritual worlds - those that were Created for us, and not from the point of view of a neurophysiologist whosе "brain wants something", because neurons want something... Do atoms inside neurons also want something according to your hypothesis? (this is a piece of sarcasm).

Why does it happen so interestingly in our lives?
Because a person, besides the body, emotions and consciousness, has one more substance - the soul. This is where 'I WANT' dominates! This is where the meaning of existence in this body is. This is where the life-energy comes from, including creative ideas that, passing through consciousness (comprehension), ignite emotions (inspiration) and finally the body ran to the computer, quickly tapping its fingers on the keyboard - implement another great idea or write opera, or romance, or business project.

So, one wonders why it is so activated while lying on a sofa or, for example, in the azure water of the warm sea in the Caribbean, or while walking in a picturesque park along a river or lake? Or, perhaps, in a Finnish school, where children are not busy with homework, where created condition for the joy of communication and action, and in mathematics the main thing is to learn to maintain a state of happiness in yourself...

This what our CTW Initiative is about.

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