...that is the question
Incredible beauty! No one photo can convey even a fraction of these colors, movement, depth and infinity of forms ...
A natural, quite logical question arises whether it has developed this way itself. Well, I can't believe that it was formed by chance like this itself. Why would it have become so elegant by itself? Have you observed that something in your life develops by itself; forms itself into something more perfect without external intellectual energy?

Ultimately, everything around consists of the same small atoms, electrons, photons - tiny-tiny bricks of the universe that do not care about all this beauty. And yet all this beauty is ultimately composed of these identical atoms. What makes them gather together in such a wonderful shape and picture?

And who can perceives this picture? Is it really just me - a man !!! And for sure, it seems that this beauty is available only and exclusively to us! Interesting idea!
This Picture is made specifically for me!
But then the next question, even two questions: By whom it has been made? And why? In any case, I admire!

By the way, who first asked and to whom the question is addressed: "Where are you?" - this is where the Universe is! I'm not sure, dear attentive reader - thinker, that you will answer this question correctly right away, especially if you are busy with quantum physics (joke).
You will have to answer this question anyway even if you give up to it now.

Join us in the CTW-Society, it will be much easier to answer this question together!
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