Endless rules do more harm than good
"We need to write down detailed rules!" This sentence is often heard on talk shows from politicians and parliamentarians.

To spell out the rules in detail for any reason, you must:

A. Hire thousands and thousands of people who will write this all - we get dozen of fat ministries, for example, education;

B. It is necessary to hire 10 times more people who will promote and implement these rules everywhere in the jurisdictional territories: in regions, districts, cities and villages. Thus we get a lot of bureaucratic offices - federal, regional, counties and cities. And let's call it firmly: 'education system'.

C. Next, we need to hire an army of employees who will monitor the execution, policing, control and punish those who do not follow the 'detailed rules'

D. Allocate 100% from the budget to this hierarchy. For example, $ 10 billion for education

E. Of these funds, a pitiful 18% reach the school. Is it so?

F. And the most destructive one is that you will force everyone to study and abide by your 'valuable rules', instead of having people working normally and honestly. You will force the teachers in the school to follow your laws, rules, instructions ... Do not teach, do not work and do not help your students, but study and follow ... Do you catch the harm that you, perhaps with good intentions, do?

"We need more laws and rules, many and fast!"
And who will read them? Who will execute them? And most importantly, why? You give rise to lies and push people to follow your decree instead of normal, kind, professional and creative activities. You do not have the slightest appeal to the natural free creative desires and possibilities of a person (a teacher at school). Instead, the 'teacher' should study your endless rules and strictly follow them...
Is it necessary to prescribe detailed rules in order for people to lead happy lives?

No, there is no needs for that at all!!!
You can neither write down the "detailed rules" nor fulfill them. People can neither read your "detailed rules" nor follow them.

Several indicators to monitor the trend.

- How much government is decreasing or increasing in size?

- How many laws, rules and regulations are issued by higher bodies: parliament, ministry, etc.

- How many pages are in these laws, acts, rules? How many pages does the tax code contain, 700, 7,000 or even more?

This is a crisis of power, world crisis of development on the basis of materialistic philosophy, this crisis leads to excessive and sometimes uncontrollable growth of the bureaucracy.

Large corporations, banks, organizations are increasingly engaged in development of processes, rather than creative development of the business and the people involved in it.

One of the examples of this approach is Obamacare (President Obama's Health Care Reform in the USA). At first, the law contained 2,300 pages, and after a few years 16,000 pages of additional regulations were added. On top of it - website of huge complexity and cost - because bureaucrats want all rules are being programmed...

How many laws and acts are issued, how many are adopted? How much does this process cost for the budget, and what is the result achieved from this activity in society?

As result, we - people of society have to use costly services of accountants, lawyers and consultants, who sometimes do not follow well as well. Wherein the main objectives are to find ways to avoid those rules, find ways to reduce their negative impact on private interests, business and life. Such a situation drains creative energy, reduces the level of happiness and prosperity in society.
The whole course of such a 'progress' is NOT based on consciousness, is not based on moral categories, ignoring the fact that they are fundamental for the progress and development of society.

WHY are they fundamental? Please take a look at details CTW-Initiative.
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