illogical logic


"If I reason logically, it only means that I am not crazy, but does not prove at all that I am right" - Ivan Pavlov
A pamphlet with a smile...

Once, a completely illogical creature was created with a very powerful illogical apparatus (between the legs). What for? - This is too logical question.

He rejoiced and began to use this device not quite logically. Seeing this disgrace, he had to added an intellect, otherwise he would befoul the whole Garden (this is the meaning of the comic story, if you remember ...))

Now he applies this logic as inaudibly as his male pride and still manages to befoul a garden. Just take a closer look around, note how this garden looks...

According to his logic, love is chemical processes somewhere closer to the groin; creativity is an ass, because we are sitting on it and the head, of course, is to eat and especially drink. Morality is for self-preservation, it is a product of self-organization in a pack. What is good and what is bad - just nonsense depleted in logic... Spirituality is not from our nature at all, but it was invented by very logical near-religious brothers. And, yes, in terms of my logic (there is nothing else exist though)): "prove to me His existence. If I can't see Him, I can't hear, I can't touch, I can't smell and I can't measure, then it's logical to draw a conclusion..."

Love is the result of the intensified work of the glands that produce the corresponding hormones.

There are no miracles and cannot be, because they cannot be described by my logic. Everything that someone calls this term can be logically explained, and if it can not, then it does not exist. And look carefully - an experiment of the century !!!! If you put the electrode in and add a little electricity, then the foot twitches ...

Our brain generates all thoughts, all kinds of symphonies, periodic tables and any other crap and an infinite number of pictures, words and feelings... And also, for example, hypotheses, theories, ideas; for example, Marxist-Leninist philosophy; man to man friend, brother and matchmaker; communism and its material and technical base; matter is primary, but what is a second, I no longer remember; aliens certainly exist, it is more logical and statistically proved; oh, here's another apotheosis !: "who is not with us then they are against"; and "our happiness is in a fighting"...

Mmm, add more... Here it is - if you wait a long, very long time, then the dinosaur will certainly fly; the monkey gets down and starts to think, then starts to work, invents an alphabet for themselves; it is not yet known why, but what is the difference, it is logical and therefore proved!

Everything is so randomly happen in our life, it will evolve by itself and accidentally fly ...

Oscar Wilde
I dislike logic of any kind. It is always trivial and often convincing.
Lewis Carroll
If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.
Ivan Pavlov
If I reason logically, it only means that I am not crazy, but does not prove at all that I am right.
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