A person is most dissatisfied with his professional activity. Special programs, mechanisms of creative activity and financial prosperity at CTW-Ecosystem offer solutions to this issue.

CTW-Ecosystem to get satisfaction from your professional activity

What can a participant get:
Satisfaction from activities
What is human activity and what is satisfaction? What do you need to get real satisfaction?
Changing the Feelings
What is that feeling? What does it depend on, where is it located? What does a person need to get up in the morning with joy and go about their business with joy?
Changing Activity
What activities do you want to do to enjoy it?
Reward satisfaction
What place does reward occupy on this issue?

"Personal Growth - Improving the World"

The Course provides basic knowledge on how to improve your life and understand your opportunities in
'Profession' Development in CTW-Ecosystem

What professions can be mastered in our

What you can and should do at CTW-Ecosystem
Educational Content Maintenance
Teacher - CTW-Instructor
Video and Photo Production
Social Networking
Project Managers
Pedagogy and Edu-Training
Your Pick...

Courses Related to 'Profession'

Level 1
Course "Personal Growth - Improving the World"
Mandatory at the Level 1 in the CTW-Society. This course is the base for all other training materials in the CTW-Ecosystem.
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Level 2
Course "Satisfaction from your Professional Activity"
Continuation and development of the material - Personal Growth. Description and elaboration of life examples in each of the areas of life with special attention to the topic of Profession. Achieving positive changes in life.
Level 3
Own program creation: "SocioCultural Development of Individual and Society"
Joint work on creating of own Program on the basis of authors content and life examples. Active participation in CTW-Production in the direction of CTW-Instructor and Profession.
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